Hey, y'all! (That's what you will hear as soon as you meet me at your session.)
I am as Southern as they come, clumsy, and love to laugh at corny jokes. My awkwardness is free with your session! I enjoy doing anything with my little family of four and two beagle girls. I went to college for radiology and still work part-time. I grew up here, in Opp, AL, and love going down to spend the day on the beaches of Destin, FL.
I am a Jesus worshiper and not shy about it. He gave us all a story and I am here to tell mine and capture yours.  With the help of my sweet husband, Matthew, we came up with New Life Photography because, we are all offered new life in Christ, by faith alone, through grace alone.  
It is ran by owner and photographer, Emili Fowler and based out of Opp, AL.
Emili is pictured below with her two Earthly jewels and husband of nearly 10 years. (The images on bottom were captured by Kayla Baptista Photography.)

I always had a camera in my hand, from a very young age.  The first was a 35mm Barbie film camera and then multiple disposables until I was gifted my first 2.5 megapixel, digital camera in 2002 (so fancy, right?).  No matter what kind of camera, I have always enjoyed capturing my family interacting and their true emotion.
One of my FAVORITE pastimes is looking through old family pictures (like, I can get sidetracked for hours on end!). I soooo want your children to have some to look back on, also.  God has given us so much in this life and I am here to capture it. We can't take them with us when we're gone, but our families will have photos to cherish for years to come.
After a ton of self-teaching (you can only watch so many YouTube videos!), research, and education from highly renown, international, newborn and wedding photographers, I decided to launch my website and offer my services to the public full-time.
I desire to use my talent to freeze special moments for your family and make it a fun, memorable experience for everyone involved! 
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